Scientific Programme



24 Sept

Mandibular tumours

Surgical flaps

Breast reconstruction



Approach to Lower GI Bleeding

Polyposis syndromes

Management of colonic cancer

Management of Rectal cancer

Advances in management of rectal prolapse

Imaging for colorectal disease


Panel discussion groin hernias

Case discussion - Abdominal lump


25 Sept

Head Injury

Damage control surgery

Surgical Site infection

Management of benign oesophageal strictures

Current concepts of urinary stone formation; medical management

Surgical (incl ESWL) management of urinary calculi

Penile cancer

Germ cell tumours of testes

Imaging in urology

Radionuclide studies in urology

Fluid and electrolytes in Surgery

Surgical Nutrition

Case discussion - Jaundice


26 Sept


Chronic limb ulcers

Newer anticoagulants for DVT/PE

Upper limb ischaemia

Risk factors, assessment models and markers for Ca breast

Pathology of Ca breast-current concepts

Adjuvant therapy in Ca breast- a surgeon’s perspective

Benign breast disease (ANDI)

Current Debates in Ca breast management (case based) - Panel discussion

Algorithmic approach to breast lump

Case discussion - Breast lump


27 Sept

Abdominal tuberculosis

Approach to a patient with Ascites

Abdominal compartment syndrome

ERAS in UGI surgery



Well differentiated thyroid cancer

Medullary thyroid cancer

Investigations for thyroid

Panel on case scenarios

Case discussion - Thyroid


28 Sept

Safety landmarks in lap cholecystectomy

Lap appendicectomy


Lap IPOM (ventral hernia)

Lap fundoplication

Lap splenectomy

Lap pyelolithotomy

Lap anterior resection

Panel: Robotic vs Laparoscopic?


Surgery quiz – final

Case discussion - Oral cancer


29 Sept

Pancreatic necrosis

Hydatid disease

Biliary sepsis

Gall bladder cancer 


Techniques of component separation

Effect of bariatric surgery on co-morbidities

Liver transplantation

Sphincter saving rectal resection

Common X-rays

Common Instruments

Case discussion - Peripheral vascular disease


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