Surgery Update 2018


In September 2018, the Department of Surgery, Maulana Azad Medical College, will be hosting the 36th edition of 'Surgery Update'. It is a testimonial to the relevance of the programme for the postgraduate residents of India, that it is still going strong after 35 years.

Surgery Update 2018 has been conceived as a Continuing Medical Education Programme in Surgery for postgraduate residents. Day-to-day clinical commitments often leave the student tired by the end of the day, with consequent lack of study time. Similarly the faculty and consultants of various teaching institutions do not have time to spare for regular teaching. Moreover, it has been seen that examiners expect a standard format of answers during examination, which may not be available for students studying in different parts of India. Clinical skills also vary from institution to institution. It is true that great surgeons do not automatically make great teachers. A postgraduate teacher is expected to know about and practise a wide range of procedures, from breast to peripheral vascular disease; from thyroid to urology. Unfortunately, the present day demand of subspecialization, which may be good for the patient, is not so good for the student.

To address all the above problems, Surgery Update 2018 is targeted towards the postgraduate student. A mix of didactic and clinical topics are provided, all chosen for their relevance to the student. As far as possible, a standardized approach to a clinical problem is presented. Audience participation is encouraged. In fact, we prefer that students from other institutions take clinical cases and present in front of the audience. The case discussants are all postgraduate teachers and examiners.

The Department of Surgery took a decision to stop industry sponsorship for the programme. Currently, monetary support is not taken from any company or government agency. The CME is conducted entirely from the registration amount paid by the delegates. All work related to conduct of the CME, from sending out posters, designing and maintaining website, registering delegates and looking after the invited faculty is done by the Department of Surgery. No member of the department is paid extra, and nobody is appointed for the secretarial work. It is commendable that despite their otherwise busy schedule, the residents and faculty still find time to conduct a successful programme year after year.

We would like to provide in campus accommodation to the delegates; however, it is no longer possible. The increase in undergraduate and postgraduate seats leave no hostel rooms unoccupied. Luckily, there are a number of cheap accommodation available within 2 km of the institution, catering to the needs of all. You are requested to make arrangements for stay on your own.

Our Expectations

Since this is a postgraduate training exercise, we expect delegates to return enriched. The best feedback is to hear that Surgery Update helped them in their exams and their clinical practice! During the 6 day programme, we expect the following from the delegates:

  1. Maintain your dignity. Do not talk loudly with each other or on the phone.
  2. Respect other attendees.
  3. Respect persons registering you. They are your colleagues.
  4. Follow rules. Registration requires presence of the registered person with Institute Id. Proceedings will be given to registered delegates only.
  5. Photography is not permitted. It distracts the presenter, and you will be more busy with photographs rather than listening to the speaker. Phones have been confiscated in the past for unauthorised photography.

We appreciate feedback! Do let us know the problems you faced, and what you would like to be changed. 

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